Laudato Si' Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity
                                                                     Laudato Si'            Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity                                                          

Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)

The Environmental Network is a fellowship of believers who declare the Lordship of Christ over all creation. The Evangelical Environmental Network] (EEN) has received much attention for actions such as lobbying the United States Congress and producing biblical educational materials which were sent out to Evangelical congregations across the country. Also, in 1996 the EEN produced television advertisements warning Christians, "don't let the special interests sink the Endangered Species Act." The EEN also mailed out 38,000 "Let the Earth Be Glad" packets and enlisted 1000 churches as "Noah Congregations".


Composed of both individuals and organizations, the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to creation-care. Through its publications and outreach projects, EEN aims to provide resources and support for Christian people, churches, and organizations concerned about pollution and environmental degradation. This evangelical environmental ministry approaches ecological issues from a biblical perspective and works with a wide array of Christian organizations to realize care for creation. EEN provides a number of resources for biblically-based environmentalism, including a guiding statement signed by nearly 500 evangelical leaders, Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation, and the quarterly Creation Care magazine. For the past decade, EEN has provided evangelical creation-care resources—such as congregational resource kits, sample sermons, mission manuals, devotional literature, and Christian camping information—to more than 35,000 churches. Working with evangelical seminaries and universities, EEN has sponsored leadership development initiatives in the areas of Christian environmental stewardship in the United States and abroad. In addition to organizing major conferences on creation-care from an evangelical perspective, EEN has supported local eco-justice initiatives, most notably in Mexico and Los Angeles. Specific campaigns, such as “What Would Jesus Drive?” and “Healthy Families, Healthy Environment,” focus on the implications of lifestyle choices. Linking Christian pop culture with creation-care, EEN has established the “Creation Festival Recycling Program” to encourage environmentalism at the largest evangelical rock festival in the United States. EEN is funded by member contributions; its major projects are made possible by grants from philanthropic organizations.


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