Laudato Si' Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity
                                                                     Laudato Si'            Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity                                                          

Laudato Si and Gobal Stocktage (GST)

The Global Stocktake (für COP  28, Dubai 2023)is a fundamental component of the Paris Agreement which is used to monitor its implementation and evaluate the collective progress made in achieving the agreed goals.


The Global Stocktake thus links implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) with the overarching goals of the Paris Agreement, and has the ultimate aim of raising climate ambition.


It means looking at everything related to where the world stands on climate action and support, identifying the gaps, and working together to agree on solutions pathways (to 2030 and beyond).


Involvement of the Catholic Church


During the Bonn Conference 2023, Caritas  focused on key thematic clusters including the Loss and Damage Fund, global stocktake, climate finance, adaptation, and joint work on climate action implementation in agriculture and food security.


On June 8, Caritas Internationalis and the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) organised a side event titled Perspectives of Faith and Local Actors on the New Joint Work on Agriculture and Food Systems. The event  featured experiences from local communities associated with Caritas organisations in Africa and Asia and aims to facilitate dialogue among governments, international organisations and faith groups regarding the future of food and agriculture within the UNFCCC process.

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