Laudato Si' Common Care for Our Common Home
Laudato Si' Common Care for Our Common Home

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UN Ocean Conference 2022

“We cannot have a healthy planet without a healthy ocean. Our failure to care for the ocean will have ripple effects across the entire 2030 Agenda,“ said Secretary General António Guterres


The second United Nations Ocean Conference (27/06 to 01/07) has begun in Lisbon - Portugal's capital is on the Atlantic coast - with emotional appeals and urgent demands to save the world's oceans, increasingly battered by littering, overfishing, climate change and acidification. Thousands of politicians, experts and environmentalists have come together to try to save the fragile health of the oceans from harmful "cascading effects," according to organizers.


The Pontifical Academy of Science inspired by Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si  develeoped following statement: "On Health of the Seas and Oceans and their Role in the Present and Future of Humanity"


“Health of the seas and oceans and their role in the present and future of humanity”
The ocean and its seas make the planet habitable for all life forms, including ours,and have always been an opportunity of unity, cultural exchange and fraternity among people(s), supporting human civilizations around the world. The ocean covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface, includes over 95% of the biosphere and 98% of the planet’s waters, generates 50% of the oxygen for living organisms, and absorbs around 40% of the world’s total carbon emissions, mitigating the climate.
PAS- Statement-Health of the seas and oc[...]
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Laudato si' Week 2022: May 22-29

From May 22 to 29, on the occasion of this anniversary, the Catholic Church invites to celebrate the Laudato si' WeekThe main objectives will be to raise awareness of the importance of the encyclical, to promote the principles of integral ecology and to begin together the journey towards ecological conversion.

Day of Fasting for Peace on Ash Wednesday, 2 March

Laudato Si’ Movement joins Pope Francis and the global Catholic Church in praying for a peaceful and swift resolution to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This movement is active in Ukraine, with passionate staff and volunteers there working every day to inspire Catholics and care for our common home. We unite in solidarity with them, and with all of the people of Ukraine. We join Pope Francis in urging all people to turn to the “God of peace and not of war,” and, as Pope Francis has requested, we will join Catholics everywhere in a Day of Fasting for Peace on Ash Wednesday, 2 March.

Laudato Si Movement Plans for 2022

2022 the movement bring Laudato si’ to life through multiple initiatives. They range from global Church-wide celebrations such as the Season of Creation and Laudato si’ Week, all the way to national and local efforts driven by chapters and Laudato si’ Circles. By working together, LSM members aim to maximize collective impact to match the urgency of the crisis of our common home. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” as the saying goes.

Laudato si' Reader - Rethinking our Pirorities

This is a moment to dream big, to rethink our priorities – what we value, what we want, what we seek – and re-plan our future, committing to act in our daily life on what we have dreamed of. The time to act, and to act together, is now! (Preface Pope Francis)


Titled, the "Laudato si' Reader - An Alliance of Care for Our Common Home", the book shares reflections in a short collective format as a testament of how the Holy Father’s ideas have been disseminated, advocated and practiced in various settings. The authors are a mixture of academics and practitioners, scientists  and youth, organisations and economists, farmers and indigenous peoples, parents and politicians, Christians and interreligious communities.

Laudato si’ Reader - An Alliance of Care for Our Common Home (519 pages)
This book is an excellent resource that covers the range and diversity of Laudato Si initiatives, reflections and actions. In total, more than 80 authors contributed to the work.
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Global Climate Strike March 25, 2022

Christans For Future

On Jan. 13, Fridays for Future announced the upcoming Global Climate Strike for March 25, 2022. Youth organizers from Fridays for Future chapters all across the world including Christans4Future will be planning local marches for that day — and, presumably, some digital strikes, as well (more on that below).


The theme for the upcoming strike is #NoMoreEmptyPromises. “Those in power continue to only deliver vague and empty promises for far off dates that are much too late,” reads a statement on Fridays for Future’s website. According to the organization, the goal of this strike is to demand world leaders to swiftly implement science-based, short-term climate targets that address justice and equity as part of the climate crisis.

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