Laudato Si' Common Care for Our Common Home
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Season of Creation 2021 - A Home for all

The 2021 Season of Creation takes place from 1 September through 4 October, marking a traditional ecumenical moment for healing and hope.

Pope Francis Message :  Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle (1.09.2021)

The Season of Creation Song....

2021 Celebration Guide A Home for All? Renewing the Oikos of God
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Breaking News: Laudato Si' Movement (29.07.2021)

From ‘Global Catholic Climate Movement’
to ‘Laudato Si' Movement’


The Global Catholic Climate Movement is now called the Laudato Si’ Movement. A change that has the support of Pope Francis.As part of a two-year synodal process, the mission, values, and structures have also been changed and improved. The Laudato Si’ Movement celebrates and embraces all initiatives born from the encyclical and all organizations working for ecological and climate justice.

Laudato Si’ Action Platform (Start 25 May) 

What world do we want to leave to our children and our young?


On 25 May, the new Laudato Si Platform for Action was presented in Rome. The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a unique collaboration between the Vatican, an international coalition of Catholic organizations, and “all men and women of good will".


Pope Francis Invitation - Call for Action 


Pope Francis sends a video message to launch the new Laudato si' Action Platform, bringing the Laudato si' Year to a close but continuing the battle to protect our common home. He asked: What world do we want to leave to our children and our young? Pope Francis then goes on to "renew" his appeal: "Let us take care of our mother Earth; let us overcome the temptation of selfishness that makes us predators of resources; let us cultivate respect for the gifts of the Earth and creation; let us inaugurate a lifestyle and a society that is finally eco-sustainable: we have the opportunity to prepare a better tomorrow for all. From God's hands we have received a garden, we cannot leave a desert to our children. He invites everyone to "embark on this journey together," and particularly calls on the involvement of "families - parishes and dioceses - schools and universities - hospitals - businesses and farms - organisations, groups and movements - religious institutes."

Work together, he stresses, as "only in this way will we be able to create the future we want: a more inclusive, fraternal, peaceful and sustainable world."

A milestone for the future of the Catholic church and the world
The platform is an important milestone to bridge the gap between words and actions, a big step towards credibility. Many projects, actions and measures have been implemented since the launche of the Laudato Si Encyclial, even long before it, now it is to participate the whole universal Church at all levels and also all people of good will - to make a fundamental difference. It is about a new seven years journey, with a new common vision to heal our house. It concerns all sectors: Families, dioceses, hospitals, schools, universities, congregations, companies, every individual, etc. - all !  The goal is 100% sustainability in the spirit of integral ecology - with seven goals. This should achieve in 7 years. The first year is about community building, ressources and planing, then 5 years of solidarity actions and the last year is for reflection. The realisation of the platform is created in partnership. There is a lead partner for all sectors. With dialogues and actions the future is prepared together. The Church want to redouble the efforts, step by step to reach a critical mass. The journey in partnership includes all people of good will, for strong synergies. 

The Timeline will be:


  • May 2021: Announcement of Laudato Si’ Action Platform
  • May 2021:  Start Pledges
  • 4 October 2021: Laudato Si’ Plans Open
  • 2022: Additional programs and tools

The new website is in 9 languages and contains all important information.

Laudato Si´' Week 2021 May, 16-25 

Pope Francis invites faithful to celebrate progress, plan ambitious decade during Laudato Si’ Week. One goal is advocating ahead of COP15, COP26 also the Laudato Si’ Action Platform will be started.


Laudato Si’ Week 2021, to be held May 16-25, will be the crowning event of the Special Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year, and a celebration of the great progress the whole Church has made on its journey to ecological conversion.


Laudato Si’ Week 2021 will also be a time to reflect on what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us and prepare for the future with hope.

Laudato Si’ Week 2021 is sponsored by the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and facilitated by the Global Catholic Climate Movement in collaboration with RENOVA+, Caritas Internationalis, CIDSE, International Union Superiors General, Union of Superiors General, Society of Jesus, the General office for justice, peace and integrity of creation from the Order from the Franciscan Friars, and in partnership with dozens of Catholic partners.

Healing the wounds in Iraq

On the third day the Holy Father on Sunday visited the cities of Erbil, Mosul and Qaraqosh, where he renewed his call for fraternity, hope and peace. “Today," he said in his homily, "I can see at first hand that the Church in Iraq is alive, and that Christ is alive and at work in this, His holy and faithful people. Now is the time to rebuild and to start afresh, relying on the grace of God, who guides the destinies of all individuals and peoples. You are not alone! The entire Church is close to you, with prayers and concrete charity. And in this region, so many people opened their doors to you in time of need.”

Jerusalema - A spiritual song and dance for difficult times...goes around the world

Millions of people of all nations, professions and religions around the world dance to a spiritual song that, according to its christian creator Kgaogelo Moagi from Africa (called Master KG), should be as spiritual as possible. It is not only the Covid-19 song, but also a great Fratelli Tutti song. This wonderful version from your Palestine friends (message at 2:39), with 130 dancers from the Holy Land, unfortunately cannot be danced in Jerusalem....

Jerusalema -Translation

Jerusalem, my home.
Rescue me,
Join me,
Don't leave me here!
My place is not here,
My kingdom is not here,
Rescue me!
Come with me!
Save me, save me, save me,
Don't leave me here,
Save me, save me, save me,
Don't leave me here!
My place is not here,
My kingdom is not here,
Rescue me!
Come with me!
Save me, save me, save me,
Don't leave me here,
Save me, save me, save me,
Don't leave me here!

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