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Ecojesuit Pedro Walpole - Why Engage in COP ? 

COP 26 must be a forum for making decisions especially on these five key points (Source: Towards COP26: Advocating for Climate Justice):

  1. Finalise the Paris Agreement in full, so implementation of the Rulebook can begin.
  2. Find solutions that respect human rights and allow all nations to achieve net-zero targets by 2050.
  3. Mobilise US$100 billion yearly in climate finance to developing countries.
  4. to policies that promote more sustainable economies like the European Green Deal.
  5. Ensure business is accountable for their emissions and negative impact on the environment and communities.
  6. Integrate nature-based solutions9 (NBS) in finalizing the Paris Agreement Rulebook. 
Towards COP26: Advocating for Climate Justice - A Commitment from the Ignatian Family
We invite you to link with Ecojesuit as a way of tracking initiatives and learning how to
engage as we identify who is participating locally. Do share your actions and collaborate
through joining Ecojesuit initiatives globally at
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Ecojesuit@COP26 is an online platform to encourage learning, and develop meaningful and collaborative engagement towards COP26, the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow, UK, from 1-12 November. Negotiations around the Paris Agreement have lagged since the Paris Agreement was signed in COP21, bringing greater urgency for local-global collaborations as we face a critical tipping point. Communities, organizations, schools, universities, networks, social centers, and all those who desire greater climate ambition, are invited to engage by:


  1. Sharing existing or original stories, articles, reflections, news, reports about COP26 or climate action in any language
  2. Posing questions or starting discussions in the Forums section
  3. Proposing collaborations or informing others of events/engagements that can be promoted through our calendar
  4. Subscribing to our bi-monthly newsletter for updates on the COP process, and related resources

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