Laudato Si Protect Earth - Dignify Humanity
Laudato Si  Protect Earth - Dignify Humanity 

The Ecumenical Laudato Si Framework (beta)  is an ecumenical online forum for Laudato Si exhange, information and communication. The Laudato Si Framework is an international framework for dialogue, best practice, strategies and visions for Laudato Si actions and implementation. is a project (started 18-06-2015 and relaunched 4-10-2016, beta) sponsored by  the Francis of Assisi Academy for the Protection of the Earth.




The forum and framework has an enableling function to develop and implement Laudato Si Action Plans for all units of the Catholic Church and one ecumenical  Laudato Si Action Plan - For Peace, Justice and Care of Creation  for strong common response and concrete actions.




The set up phase of the framework will be finalised 4-10-2017(Ecumenical Laudato Si Consultation), the review and consensus phase to build cooperations and a common Laudato Si Action Plan is planed until 4-10-2020 (World Ecumenical Laudato Si   Consultation or alternativ: World Ecumenical Assembly for Peace, Justice and Care for Creation*, 1 September until 4 October 2020). The operation phase for the implementaion and dynamic updating of the Laudato Si Action Plan (s)  is planend until 2030 (10 year cycle with review and follow up),   


* only by approval of the church leaders


Laudato Si Working Principles


The Laudato Si Initative and the project are based on longterm principles:


  1. Impact: to initiate and promote strong ecumenical and catholic actions for strong impacts to "Protect the Earth and Dignify Humanity" in the spirit of Laudato Si.
  2. Enabeling: Innovative funding and allocation for the necessary funds and personal ressources (focus poor countries) - to enable projects and to speak with one ecumenical voice.
  3. Consensus: to build consensus and and mainstream Laudato Si  issues as integral part of the Justice, Peace and the Care of Creation Movement and of the Rio implementation process (starting 1992 Earth Summit).
  4. Ecumenical: to  contribute to ecumenical, catholic and international cooperations, networking and exchange in and between the time and world prayer day of creation.
  5. Visibility:  to  highlight  and  to  make visible international relevant actions, studies and dialogues about Laudato Si Follow up impact.
  6. Awareness:  to support and foster the relevance of Laudato Si issuses in the awareness of christians, churches, religions, science, economics and society.
  7. Credibility: Closing the gaps between words and actions with good practise in personal life and in our own house (churches).



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