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Conferences and Workshops

FAA-Conferences and Workshops (Selection)


  • European Symposium: Christianity and Sustainable Europe. Consultation about the new praxis of ecological responsibility. A contribution to the preparation of the 2.European Ecumenical Assembly Graz 1997 (Eichstätt 1996)
  • Local Agenda 21 Workshop for Majors
  • Diocese Forum Sustainable Germany (Eichstätt, 1996 - together with BUND, Misereor and Council of the Diocese Eichstätt)
  • CCEE-KEK Dialog Forum "Sustainable Europe as a challenge to socio-political Action to European Christians) - Second European Ecumenical Assembly (Graz 1997- togehter with AIDROM, Romanina)
  • Agenda 21 as Challenge for the European and American Churches (Workshop Graz, 1997 together with United States Catholic Conference, USA)
  • Spiritiuality and Sustainable Lifestyles (Workshop Graz 1997 -together with Franciskaanse Samenwerking, Netherlands)
  • Lifesstyles - Balances of Justice (Workshop Graz 1997 togheter with Operazione Bilanci di Giustizia, Italy)
  • Christianity and the Responsibility for Future Generations (Workshop Graz 1997 togheter with UNESCO Future Generations Programme and International Environment Institute, University Malta)
  • Hearing - Earth Summit New York - Graz 1997
  • Ecumenical and Interfaith Consultation on Environmental Values, Sustianable Community Ethics, and Public Policy (Ethic and Agenda 21), Washington 1997
  • Briefing "Ethical Perspectives of the UN-General Assembley - Rio plus 5" (UN-New York 1997 - togheter with Earth Charter Project, UNEP Interfaith Partnership and NACRE)
  • Congress Environment and Work in Europe. A sustainable solution for the un/employment dilemma? (Brixen 1999 - Fondazione Lanza, Padova  and Institute for Justice, Peace and Integrity of the Creation)
  • Environmental Lectures Catholic University 1995-1998, 2010 ff.

Interventions and contributions to international conferences and events(Selection)


  • CCEE-KEK Crete Conference (1995)
  • European Nature Conservation Year (1995) of the Council of Europe
  • Second European Ecumenical Assembly (Graz 1997)
  • UN-Rio plus 5 (New York 1997)
  • Foundation of ECEN (Villenow, 1998)
  • ECEN - Assembly (Loccum, 1999)
  • International Conference on Agenda 21 (Rio de Janeiro 1998)
  • CCEE-Environment Conference (Bad Honnef 2000),  Urban 21 (Berlin, 2000)
  • Sustainable Regions in Europe- Conference of the International Academy of Science -ICSD (Güstrow 2000)
  • World Summit for Sustainable Development, Johannesburg 2002
  • Local Goverment Session (WSSD), Johannesburg 2002
  • Regional Goverment Session (WSSD), Gauteng 2002
  • Neumarkt Sustainability Conference 2008 ff
  • Global View 2009, Universität Basel
  • United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, 2012

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