Laudato Si' Common Care for Our Common Home
Laudato Si' Common Care for Our Common Home  

The Ecumenical and Interfaith Platform for                      the Laudato Si' Movement

The future of humanity does not lie solely in the hands of great leaders, the great powers and the elites. It is fundamentally in the hands of peoples and in their ability to organize. It is in their hands, which can guide with humility and conviction this process of change. I am with you (Pope Francis 2015)

The Laudato Si Revolution (Manuel Sandesh, OFM)

After seven years of Laudato Si', we can conclude that there is a large global movement of peoples for Laudato Si', ranging from local actions to global initiatives, from parishes and dioceses to the universal church, from science to the participation of civil society, religions and governments. The spirit of Laudato Si reaches the whole earth.


We need change; we want change (Pope Francis).

For the necessary global change of direction many more "Co-Christians" and institutional actors are needed. We have perhaps reached one percent of our possibilities. It needs much more work until 2030 - it needs a revolution in mind, action and spirit.

Towards an common Laudato Si Impact until 2030


We support the movement with the development of hopeful perspectives and the enabeling of impact interventions.


The project started 18-06-2015 sponsored by the Francis of Assisi Academy for the Protection of the Earth. In July 2020 the project was relaunched and as special contribution to the "Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year" focused on the Laudato Si' Movement. 


Overview of via the sitemap 


Aesthetic and Living Documentation


The website summarizes all relevant documents on Laudto Si', including those outside the universal church.


Besides short descriptions and videos, there are also numerous documents which we collect and document. These examples are only a selection of the many thousands of projects and initiatives worldwide.Besides many Catholic initiatives, we also document numerous ecumenical, secular and inter-religious initiatives. The whole content you can browse via our sitemap.


LS 215 : "In this regard, “the relationship between a good aesthetic education and the maintenance of a healthy environment cannot be overlooked”. By learning to see and appreciate beauty, we learn to reject self-interested pragmatism. If someone has not learned to stop and admire something beautiful, we should not be surprised if he or she treats everything as an object to be used and abused without scruple. If we want to bring about deep change, we need to realize that certain mindsets really do influence our behaviour. Our efforts at education will be inadequate and ineffectual unless we strive to promote a new way of thinking about human beings, life, society and our relationship with nature. Otherwise, the paradigm of consumerism will continue to advance, with the help of the media and the highly effective workings of the market."


The project is also a element for monitoring, evaluation and continuously improving of the global,national and local Laudato Si Movement.

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